Your lawn is beautiful - FAST!
Our Hydroseed mixture uses premium seeds. These seeds along with additives that promote rapid seed germination triggers deep roots quickly. In five to seven days after hydroseeding you will see growth. In two to three weeks you will see a beautiful lawn beginning to grow.

Pre-Germinated Seed
Pre-germinated seed normally grows in about half the time of regular seed. This is very useful when seeding in cool or hot weather conditions. Grass will only germinate at certain temperatures and sometimes it is necessary for the grass to grow as quickly as possible.

Hydroseeding vs Sod
Hydroseeding is applied easily in a one-step application. Sod requires back breaking work and sometimes many loads. Sod is dusty and/or muddy depending on the weather and there is always the concern that it will not take to its new environment. Hydroseeding doesn't have these concerns. Hydroseed is also just 1/3 the cost of sod making it very cost effective.

Hydroseeding vs Broadcast Seeding
The Hydroseed mixture is protected in a mulch mat held firmly to the ground. The mulch fibres create a green-house effect by retaining water and promoting germination. Broadcast seed have the problems of being blown away from the wind, eaten up by birds or getting washed into pockets causing poor results. With Hydroseeding you will see almost 100% of seed growth.



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