What preparation is required for Hydroseeding?
Hydroseeding came into use for the building of highways. With steep banks that conventional seeding equipment could not go on Hydroseeding was the solution that produced great growth with next to no preparation at all. However, we do recommend that you prepare your soil the same way you would for regular seeding to gain maximum growth. In cases where the weather has been less then favorable perhaps crusting from rains or a lack of rain go ahead and hydroseed anyway. Hydroseeding will produce great results under poor conditions and get a higher percentage of seed growth.

What kind of seed do you use?
We can use any seed you like. The seed doesn’t need to be anything special for Hydroseeding.

Do I have to fertilize?
Hydroseeding starts you off with fertilized seed. In roughly a months time we suggested you start on a fertilizer program to gain maximum growth. Please see details in maintenance.

What is mulch?
Mulch is an environmentally friendly wet glue-like substance. It holds the seed mixture together, moisture in and keeps everything in place.
1. Paper or cellulose mulch,
2. Wood fiber mulch,
3. Mixtures of wood and paper
4. Pelletized mulch such as Jet Spray.
Paper and wood mulch use different techniques in protecting the seed and sealing in the moisture. The paper mulch is similar to a layer of green paper machete where the wood mulch is much like a layer of tiny straw. Although they work differently, both work great. We prefer to use paper mulch as it is cheaper then wood and goes further.


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