Hydroseeding is the choice of today's environmentally minded customers.

Hydroseeding is the mixture of grass seed with a nutrient rich slurry sprayed over soil from a specialized water machine. The seed mixture is sprayed onto prepared soil for optimum grass growth. Before you know it a beautiful lush lawn is growing.

Customers love Hydroseeding. It has a nice green appearance, it does not produce any dust during application and will not blow off. It does not contain any weed seed and starts off completely fertilized making maintenance a breeze.

Hydroseeding popularity is growing not only with landscapers but with regular home owners as well. The cost of hydroseeding is only 1/3 the price of laying sod and has proven to grow grass quicker. It is a simple one-step application. It can be applied to any soil based area including hillsides, banks, or other areas that maybe a problem for regular seeding.

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